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3D Printed Whale Update

The metre-long 3D printed Blue Sovereign is coming together quite nicely. Travtron 3D Printing has built the entire main body now, along with some fins, guns and assorted bits and articulated pieces Look at it! It's magnificent. Missing some fins, guns and a tail, but the vast majority of the whale is completed. Built in a number of sections and glued together, it's taken about a solid week to print.

Travtron has had to switch materials as they run out, hence the colourful stripes down the length of the Zoid. It will be primed and painted once the little defects have been sanded off.
Here you can see examples of the articulated guns that are being printed separately. They can all swivel on a pivot, and the big three-barrelled guns can tilt up and down. More updates as they come.

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