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Zoids Wild

So, as luck would have it, Takara Tomy have gone and announced a whole new Zoids line. Spanning a manga, anime, Nintendo Switch game and of course, a toy line, 'Zoids Wild' is set to kick off this June (currently Japan only). As a mere CGI blog I have nothing to add but to say the cell-shading looks pretty sweet (a worthy successor to the Guardian Force/New Century days) and the animation itself is pretty cool, if a little lacking in frame rate. Why are they rendering CG at 12 fps? Cell-shaded scenes aren't a heavy render!

Lovely run cycles though! A natural-feeling gait with a satisfying heaviness to it. I believe this guy is called the Wild Liger. Full trailer here:

If you would like to know more (nerd), there's a pretty in-depth breakdown of the day's events at The Iron Bible.

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