A Splash of Colour

Starting to texture the Panther. I'm going for a grimy, slightly worn look, while also trying to take into account the Zoid's colossal size. Texturing in Mudbox. This post will be appended with updates.

 Started with a bit of everything (armor, metallic body, black/silver detailing) to get a feel for the whole look.

As well as scratches and rust, I'm also adding splashes of oil and caked-on mud to give the feel that this is a well-used and durable Zoid. It's not that it isn't taken care of, it's that it's rugged and doesn't require high maintenance (or that it doesn't like taking baths)!

Adding the CPC (big ass cannon) to the underside of the body. I've gone shinier to add a bit of variation. In general I've been mixing up metallic tones, as if different parts are made from different materials. 

 Boosters textured. Again focusing on different metallic tones. Also continuing to add directional dirt streaks going from front to back.

 And with that, the entire torso and forelegs are textured.

 Rear end of the Panther, mostly copying the style of the torso and foreleg.

 And finally the head. I think overall this is a good start. I can always touch up bits and pieces as needed in the future.