Gate 04

What with a hangar, a dam and a launch ramp, it's clear the setting for this animation is in and around a large military base. This shot helps to expand on that setting by revealing an entrance. This is gate 04 (which implies at least three other base entrances!) and I want it to feel like it's perhaps the back door.

It's a wall built across a canyon with a watchtower and some buildings. Maybe I'll add some turrets on the walls or something, but I don't want it to feel too militaristic.

It's not particularly grand (the Flame Skimmer seems to have found a place to land behind some crates, rather than a specific landing pad).

 And here's the watchtower!

This building here is actually from my old University. I spent many hours studying there, and I've always liked its style. So I modelled it, and here it sits.