Zoids Are Cool

I mean, they are! They're gigantic mechanical animals (sometimes even dinosaurs!) that people have strapped guns and swords onto and pilot like enormous robotic steeds! There are good guys and bad guys and guys stuck in the middle! Some of the Zoids are even alive maybe. They growl and roar and run away sometimes.

It all started as a toy range, and a bunch of animes, games and comics sprung out from that. It's all kind of faded away though, both in terms of popularity and (in my opinion) quality. But there was some good stuff there! Here are some stills from two of the early anime  - Zoids: Guardian Force (1999) and Zoids: New Century (2001) which demonstrate why I think this series is worth knowing.

Our first major Zoids GC update comes next. (ZGC from now on).