Now I Know What I'm Doing

Years ago, as a young, foolish student, I got into Zoids. Gigantic, animal shaped robots with guns and pilots in their heads. Think Transformers, but without the transforming. Animal robots, not humanoid; "Zoo-droids". No-where near as popular as the Transformers but pretty cool in my mind. One of those "Oh yeah...I remember that" franchises.

Anyway, being a nerd who studied in the field of mechanical engineering, I designed a bunch of my own. It all culminated in a CG animation, which by today's standards is pretty bad. Hell, even by the standards of the time it was pretty bad. But I like it. I like what I was trying and I'm proud of what I achieved. I called it Zoids GC, and it plays like it's an opening to a fictional TV show of the same name.

Fast forward many years and now I'm an older, slightly less foolish adult. I work in film and TV VFX. I'm a CG Lead who primarily works in effects (CG explosions, atmospherics, elements, procedural modelling/animation and weird stuff).

Now I know what I'm doing, basically.

For whatever reason, I can't let this thing go, so I've decided to remake Zoids GC from the ground up. That's what Hollywood does now anyway, right? This blog will chronicle my progress. Frankly I hope it will garner a bit of attention (who doesn't like a bit?) which would help me push this along. I've already been working on this for over a year on and off, so there's going to be a bit of a deluge of posts at the start.

Let's kick this off then! Here's an image to whet your appetite.