Launch System

I've been hard at work on another key set. This time it's an elevator and launch system for an aerial Zoid of mine, the Demonwing. What a dramatic name! Anyway here you go. Modelled - as always - in Maya.

A bit more high-tech than the Panther's hangar, this launch system catapaults the Demonwing into the skies at phenominal speed.

It works like a railgun. You can see all those electrical contacts beneath the track that extend and charge it just before take-off.

Here you can see the elevator platform in place, connected to the launch system.

And here the platform is making its way back down. Notice top left are a set of lights that give the launch countdown. More handrails to give a sense of scale!

 Finally here you can see the mechanism that lifts the elevator platform, as well as rods that extend to lock it into place.