Flame Skimmer MkII

Another Zoid of mine! Another update of an old design. It's the Flame Skimmer - a dragonfly Zoid that works in the role of ground support. Like a sort of Apache / Chinook combo, only in the form of a giant insect. It's a WIP!

What a goofy looking thing! Not all Zoids are beautiful. It's functional though, capable of transporting troops, airlifting other Zoids and VTOL.

It also has a bunch of guns and missile pods. The pilot and co-pilot sit in the eyes and have an unparalleled field of view.

The wings aren't finished yet, they'll have a lot of veiny detail and feel a bit less organic.

Compared to the Panther I'm trying to go a bit more rounded, as if the surfaces are a little more aerodynamic.